Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Spirit of Tengri in Yakutia, Russia

Yakutia (Saha) is an autonomous republic in the Russian northern Far -East, and is famous for permafrost climate, Nordic deer, and diamonds. World's coldest region, the Oymiakon, is located in Eastern Yakutia.
Oymiakon, Yakutia, Russia

These music videos below present a traditional Yakutia music style, the first one is from a folk festival, the second is more pop/ 'Eurovision' mix, and also show nature scenes from Yakutia. 

Both music pieces are dedicated to Tengri. Tengri is the main Turkic god, from the pre-Islamic period. Tengri is the one controlling celestial spheres. He is often presented a pure, white goose that flies constantly over an endless expanse of water, which represents time . Tengri creates Er Kishi, who eventually becomes a demonic character. Together they rule the world. Those beliefs appear close to  Zoroastrianism, with only one main god. Tengri is also sometimes compared to the pagan Scandinavian deity Odinn. 

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