Friday, January 15, 2016

Surkov and Nuland discussed Minsk agreements progress


Progress in implementing the Minsk agreements, designed to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, was discussed at a meeting on Friday in Kaliningrad by Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, and US Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland. This was announced by head of the press service of the US State Department, John Kirby. 

Kirby believes believes that the Surkov-Nuland consultations should be regarded as part of US efforts to work together
with Russia with an aim to guarantee full implementation of the Minsk 


Surkov: "detailed, constructive and useful consultations took place. That was a sort of brainstorming session seeking compromises towards fulfillment of Minsk agreements...On certain sensitive issues, such as constitutional reform (in Ukraine) , security, and elections, ideas were proposed, which may be further discussed in the Normandy format contact group"


It is reported that the  meeting lasted for 6 hours in total. 

Translated by Karlos.

Added: Interfax-Ukraine

Nuland:  "Recently truce turned into a better life, but it is not yet complete, people still die“, - she said.

So the first challenge - to stop killing people, so you can move to other parts of Minsk agreements, including political decision, real elections in accordance with Ukrainian legislation which meets standards of the OSCE, withdrawal of foreign military equipment and military to regain control of the borders, “- added the assistant secretary of state.

According to Nuland,” we all have to work to Minsk agreements were enforced, otherwise we will be at least frozen conflicts, and perhaps worse - a constant danger for Ukraine and for themselves “.

Previously reported that Nuland on Friday will arrive in Kaliningrad, where he will hold talks with presidential aide in ‘Vyacheslav Surkov.

The interviewee said that these recommendations may relate, in particular, carrying out in parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions local elections. 

More from BNS (Lithuania)  

Also: Recent Nuland interview,- found at BNS, and Translated by a robot:

US calls on allies to send troops into the Baltic states - BNS INTERVIEW

Paunguriai, 15 January. (BNS). United States invites allies to send their troops to the Baltic countries, that each of them would be formed after the international battalion arrived to Lithuania says US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (Victoria Njuland).

BNS diplomat said in an interview that will take place in Poland in July NATO summit will strengthen their security at the same time called on the Russian twitchy eastern European countries to cope with challenges of the Alliance in the South.

V.Nuland said the US intends to continue to maintain a dialogue with Russia on Syria to stop the civil war and stop the flow of refugees.

The traditional security experts "Snow meeting" Trakai district participating diplomat also called on Minsk contribute to the implementation of agreements on a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, warning them that the collapse of Ukraine would face a constant threat.

- Mr Ambassador, at the meeting in Trakai focus on the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw. Is this summit somehow increase their security?

- I think that certainly strengthen. We keep the promises that we have given (the former summit) in Wales to ensure that deter any threats act together and the strengthening of the region's countries, including Lithuania, the capacity of their own safety. We have come a long way already. In each of these countries regularly rotate 150 American soldiers are new NATO headquarters elements, Lithuania received the first US technology, which is deployed in advance, if necessary, improving your air defense, cyber-security capabilities, all countries in the region to better cooperate with each other. So I think that Lithuania and by all the countries citizens will benefit.

- More particularly the Baltic countries seek what could be called the "Baltic Brigade" - after the international battalion in each of the countries. Do you mean you support?

- The idea is that now each of the parties is under the host country band and US band, we are ready to work, and ask if you can help another ally of the regular rotation in, and how we can combine these companies, and that the overall result would force battalion but any given time. United States, of course, supported by the fact that more allies to come and contribute to our land forces here in the east. But NATO countries on the eastern outskirts as well as please think about how they can contribute to the situation in the South. We not only take care of the security of the East, but we are working to ensure the safety of the South. Solidarity must be both missions.

- In 2014, when Russia annexed the Crimea and eastern Ukraine started the war, quite a lot of politicians, journalists, analysts warned that the Baltic countries may become the next Russian President Vladimir Putin's target. In your opinion, is it a realistic scenario?

- The work we have done over the past one and a half, two years, speaks for itself, that deterrence is strong, and Russia did not take our test, with the exception of some kind in our air defense control. Remains a commitment to work together to ensure that that will continue, that our strength is evident and that would not be worth it to try.

- Many Lithuanian may be straightforward question - whether the US ever risking the Third World War in order to defend the Baltic states against Russian attack. What would you answer?

- We nekviečiame new members into the Alliance - whether it be in Germany in the fifties, and Lithuania, when you join you - without being willing to defend you. This is the fifth (North Atlantic Treaty) article. I have a draft-age sons and I appreciate it very seriously, I think all Americans appreciate it very seriously. But it is not only important that the Americans would come to defend Lithuania, but also as Lithuania contributes to the security of all of us, including your activities in such places as Afghanistan. This is the essence of the Alliance.

- I would like to go to Syria. Russia is there for your partner or a source of problems?

- As you know, Russia in Syria has its own approach. She continued to say that its military activities are primarily directed against the ISIL ("Islamic state" grouping). Išsakėme concern that in some cases they are aiming more to defend (President Bashar) Assad and his regime. But through dialogue that my leader, Secretary (John) Kerry carries with Foreign Minister (Sergei) Lavrov and Syrian wider international support group, we seek to find a political solution which will put an end to this war. This is important not only for Syria but for the entire region, as well as to stop the flow of desperate migrants here in Europe.

- Last question about Ukraine, where a few days ago again announced renewed ceasefire. Do you see the possibility that this year ceasefire to take effect, or the Minsk agreements can be implemented?

- It is very important that all of us who are friends of Ukraine, we work very hard to help not only Ukraine, but all of Normandy countries to implement the agreement in Minsk, which is important not only for Ukraine's security, but also the entire region's security.

You are right that the recent ceasefire implementation was better, but still incomplete, people are still dying, going clashes. Thus, the first challenge is to stop the massacres, so we can move on to other parts of the Minsk agreement, including a political decision, genuine elections according to the laws of Ukraine, who meet OSCE standards, foreign military equipment and troops withdrawal and the return of border controls. We all have to work that Minsk would be implemented, because otherwise we will have as a minimum a frozen conflict, and perhaps worse - a constant threat to Ukraine and yourself.

- Madam Deputy Secretary, thank you for your time.

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