Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Creator of "Star Wars" George Lucas in his interview with Charlie Rose complained about the lack of creative freedom. "In this world we are living, in the system which we  created for ourselves - you must not loose the money. The fact is, you are forced to make a particular kind of film. I used to answer to those during the time of the old Soviet Union, who were asking me the question:"What, are you not glad that you are living in America?" I always used to say, that I know many Russian film directors, who have far more freedom than me. They must be careful only in critisizing the government, the rest they can do what they like to do." - according to the words by film director in the "Wall Street" Journal.

Contradictory to Lucas's opinion the Journal published fragments from the book 
"History of the Russian film" by Birgit Beumers, a researcher from the Bristol University.
In her observation, the art house cinematography during stagnation period (1967 - 1982) experienced the difficulties because of it's poetic language which was not accessible to the wide population and because of it's symbolism, which could go against the political demo of the day.
Sometimes the international support led to a film to be shown during some festivals, when at home a film was not released or released on restricted terms.
Birgit Beumers cited as an example Tarkovsky's "Andrey Rublev" (the release was delayed by 7 years) and "Inspection on the roads" by Herman (was forbidden for release).

Translated back to English an article published by Russian RT (in Russian) by ZenaV_1.0 © for KarlosDJX©

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