Thursday, January 14, 2016

 Return  of  Donbass and Gryzlov visit. The main points of Poroshenko speech 

"I am the first man in Parallel Universe"

Return of control over the Donbas 
Poroshenko said that the top priority for this year  is the return of control over the occupied territories of Donbass. "Achieving peace and the return of Ukrainian to Donbass. In 2016, the restoration  of the Ukrainian sovereignty  over the occupied territories in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions should occur" - said the head of state.

Fight for the annexed Crimea.

He added that the annexed by Russia  peninsula remains a priority for Ukraine. According to Poroshenko, he wants to initiate the establishment of an international mechanism for  de-occupation of the peninsula. "In my opinion, the optimal option for the start of such a mechanism, I consider the Geneva format with the participation of our partners from the European Union, the United States and, perhaps, the signatory countries of the Budapest Memorandum," - said the Ukrainian leader.

Regarding Gryzlov visit, Poroshenko said that he reserves the right to speak with whomever, "to bring our heroes, Savchenko, Sentsov, back, and to stop shelling of Ukrainian positions".


(Just translating. Karlos).

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